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Yarn Sourcing

According to requirements, Combed or semi-combed yarns are sourced with needed counts in cases for garment manufacturing. Sourcing would be from certified spinning mills so there is no lag in quality whatsoever. sampling is crucial here before committing to any fabric.


Knitting happens with various dia according to needs of the requirement. Loop Length and type of knitting would be conveyed and greige fabric would be obtained. The process of inter-looping of yarns or inter-meshing of loops.it's very soft and fluid.


The knitted fabric is then sent to High-end Soft Flow Dyeing. According to lab dips, Dyeing of fabric would be commenced and dyed for specific hours to arrive the needed shade of the fabric then fabric would undergo padding & dried to absolutely no moisture


If there is a process required, Bio wash or chemical wash proceeds.washed in chemicals that make them look more vibrant and to prevent wrinkling.A few minutes in the dryer followed by hanging.

Compacting & Heat Setting

Completely dried fabric would be then compacted for fabric relaxation. It also brings changes in strength, stretchability, softness, dyeability.

Printing & Embroidery

Fabric cut is then isolated to add different add-ons like printing & embroidery. Delivery timelines and the usage of the garment a printer decides what method is best to reproduce a logo.


The compacted fabric is spread over larger lays. With the help of approved patterns, marking is performed and automatic machines cut the fabric with very less of fabric wastage.precise size and shape of the pattern pieces on a marker.


All the cut pieces after the respective processes would be collected and articulated production plan for sewing would proceed & reports of quality, quantity, safety control would be sought every hour to hour. It's the craft of fastening


Every single garment would have to pass the internal quality inspection for the wrong stitches, holes & safety measures of needles would be thoroughly checked and then will be sent to ironing & tagging. We take an extra step in checking when it comes to toddlers.